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1 USD 1.735 AZN

1 EUR 1.8113 AZN


“Aero Express “ operates under the BakuCard system. BakuCard is the new electronic payment card that meets requirements of passengers in accordance with international standards. Aero Express does not accept money orders

Purchasing BakuCards are quick and easy. Purchase at BakuCard Terminals: Stop by one of our BakuCard terminals located near you. BakuCard accepst only cash.

  • BakuCard: can be purchased from BakuCard terminals. Price AZN 2 , and one way fares at 0,20. Thus cards are non refundable also you can add more credits at any time
  • BakuCard with limited access. Price AzN 0,20, one way fares at 0,20. Valid 45 days. You can add maximum 4 limits when the card was purchased. The card is valid for 45 days after first use .